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Rosario, Argentina

where the beer flows like wine, and the women instinctively flock like the salmon of capistrano

ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to my blog! it was suggested by someone to start this, and i´ve got friends who are doing the same thing, so i decided to further my ¨world wide web¨understanding. i´ve been told a blog is like an email, except you can always look at what you´ve previously written......how magestic, no? we´ll see how it goes........and as always, your feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated!

DISCLAIMER- Adult Content- May not be suitable for children under the age of 17

So in what seems like months of being away from friends and family, it turns out that only a week or so has passed. crazy. with so much that has happened, where should i begin?? how bout the beginning. my flight pattern was this, SJC to Den, Den to DC, DC to Buenos Aires. I left cali early in the morning 10/04, still patroned from the night before, and halfway through the flight to DEN started to feel pretty shitty. not cool. on a side note, i sat next to Taylor Schoefield´s brother Connor, and Taylor was in the row behind me. small world.... anyways, once i made it to DEN i found an empty gate, curled up into a ball, and tried to fight off the fire hose demons. I had two close calls, where i tried to walk the bad feelings off, but instead found myself in a staring contest inside a bathroom stall. i was on bended knee, but didn´t break, and left both occations victorious. let´s just say it was a rough travel day. i hold my ¨friends¨and ¨bad judgement¨responsible. sleeping the night before would have been nice.

i pulled into rosario the next day, around 5pm. I went straight to mike´s house where i got out of my sweat soaked clothes, freshened up, and then went on a search for a hostel. We found one with ease, and then went back to mike´s house where we kicked it with his family. They are all really nice people, and they make mike feel right at home. and for those of you who are worried that mike has fallen off, do not worry, is still a little jokester, even through his broken spanish, and has probably already broken the hearts of a few rosarinas. i know he´s made me laugh to beat the bucket.

I woke up in my hostel around 1pm. i slept aight, peeps coming in and out of the room at all hours is kind of shitty. not to mention the fact that you need to get dressed and go downstairs to use the little boys room. but i met one of the workers there, and she said that she was going to look into jobs and places to live for me. already getting the networking going, yes sir! once i gathered my wits, i hit the pavement, and bought a newspaper with the classifieds. my plan is this, find a job and find a place to live. One night in the hostel made me realize that i needed to get my own spot. i spent a couple hours calling about apts for rent, and rooms for rent. things weren´t looking good for our hero, i either left a message, didn´t get an answer, or was told that the room was rented. I had two positive calls. One was Victor who told me to call him back in a couple of days because the person was still in the room, and the other was with Roberto who had a pension available. After talking with Robbie, I went over to the spot to check it out. turns out a pension is pretty much the same thing as a hostel. there was one room with 3 bunk beds and lockers to put your stuff in, a kitchen, and a b room. puros dudes, and puro funk. It was a cheaper option than a hostel, but i was really hoping for my own space. I thanked the man, and met up with mike and some friends for beer and live music.

So the next day i joined mike´s group for a gaucho fiesta. we went out to a farm and had a traditional argentine bbq, and watched argentine dancers. it was a great time, and i got to meet some of mike´s teachers and peeps in his program. for anyone who doesn´t know, an argentine bbq means MEAT. they busted out tray upon tray of meat. luckily i missed the blood sausage, but it was there for the taking. you could say that being vegetarian is like walking on broken glass down here. which is fine by me, i like pigs feet. after lunch we rode ponys, danced, pinged some pong and lounged around. minus the fact that i had the urge to set fire to the b room by the end of the day, it was a great time nonetheless. The rest of the week has kind of blended itself together.....mike and i kicked it a lot, and I kept the apt search on full throttle.

Last thurs i met up with Victor and I got lucky. I now live with Victor and Cesar.... Victor is roughly 60, and has a dog, Sara. The first thing he said to me is ¨this isn´t going to work. you are too young. you are going to want to have friends over, girls over, and there are rules in this house.¨This was all on the street, as he opened the door for me. I asked him if I could at least come up and check the spot out. He begrudgingly(sp? is this a word?) agreed. As he showed me the place, he kept telling me over and over again that no one can come to visit, and that it would be impossible for me not to break the rules. He says, ¨you are young, you have many girlfriends. the women here are like exotic fruits, they keep getting better and sweeter with every generation, they are irresistable. but you won´t be able to have any come to this apt¨straight up no soup for you!

it was funny though because he kept talking up the spot, how it is right in the centro, how it has everything you could ask for, hot water, kitchen, place to wash clothes, it´s safe, etc etc etc, but always coming back to the notion of my age and how it would be impossible for me to follow the rules. after a 20 min convo, i managed to break his spirit, and convinced him that i can follow the rules. it will be like high school all over again. sneaking girls into my room and everything. well, maybe not completely like high school.... i won´t have to sneak out of the house, he told me that i can come and go as i please, i just need to have my social life outside of the house. NO FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!

It is a three bedroom apt, and my room has a balcony and a view of the street. My other roomy is Cesar, roughly 55ish. last friday he went to a John Fogerty party. he goes every week. he and his friends barbeque up some shiz and listen to john fogerty. the dude knows how to kick it. maybe i´ll get lucky and get the invite soon. All in all I feel safe, and am paying roughly 160 bones a month. It´s a great location, and about a ten min walk to mike´s house. Victor has already told me he´s taken on the responsibility of my father......and he´s already warned me not to get involved with the mexican drug cartel down here, because drugs are bad, and that the argentine police is looking for mexicans and foreigners who are responsible for the fabrication of crack in argentina. i guess i´m going to have to find employment elsewhere. all these talks have come within a 1 day period, because i moved in on friday afternoon, and left for a beer fest friday night. i can´t wait until he gives me the birds and the bees talk. i´ll keep you updated. all in all i´m pretty pleased that i´ve found a spot in less than a week.....now it´s time to get a job!! i wonder if omni life is hiring....

ok, that is enough scott talk for now, i´ll let you guys in on beer fest the next time. it was debauchery at its finest........

till next time,


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Que paso Gallito!!! Good to see your blog man.
¿Que tal las viejas? get a fuckin' camera and upload frequently...
BTW El cartel de Juarez is the worst threat to national security in Argentina according to local intelligence so don't go to the banda bailes.

Nos vemos, me voy a Canada mañana, estamos en contacto


by mr.perro

Well I am going to have to stop reading this....it makes me too sad a jealous that you are there. But with that said this is awesome and keep it coming. Use mikes camera cause i dont think he is and post some sick ol pics. Other than that call me when you can and keep it real. Vamo Newells. Paz y suerte

by bradduck7

Que interesante guey! I'll check in from time to time to see how things progress with you, I plan to do some traveling south this winter. If things are going suavamente alla, voy a bailar con los viejos! viven los patos siempre

by diggs



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