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As you can see from some of the pics that I´ve uploaded, my hair was somewhat long and in need of an Argentine fade. Never before have I seen so many goofy looking haircuts in my life. The mullet isn´t just accepted here, it´s revered as a prestigious look. Argentines have taken things to another level. The dew is called a cresto, and it is a mullet, but the sides are faded up like a mohawk w/o gelling your hair into spikes. So you have buzzed hair on the sides and long hair in the middle and back. It looks ridiculous. I might get it one day, but I´d have to be enibriated to the point where I had no shame and I couldn´t see straight. That hasn´t happened yet, so I went for the mullet. I walked around the city and found a hole in the wall establishment. It was literally inside someone´s house. One woman was finishing up a dye or a wash and told me to come in and have a seat and that it would be no time before she got my fade on.

After 10 or 15 mins another woman came in to get her hair cut and the woman who I thought was going to give me mine went into a different room, probably the kitchen or her bedroom, and came out with a mystery woman. Sister, business partner, friend, cousin, who knows, and who knows if she cuts hair as a profession. Hopefully a hobby at the very least! but you can´t mess up a mullet right? that´s what I thought until this fateful day. I expain to her what I want, cut the sides and the top short, and leave the back long and majestic. Simple enough. She only had scissors, which I thought would work out to my advantage, can´t get too short.....how wrong I was...

The woman starts cutting and is literally taking off milimeters of hair on the sides and top, taking her sweet time, and goes for the big clips on the back. As she´s hacking off my masterpiece, I remind her that I want the back long, and the sides and top short. Then she randomly says - I´m just so nervous, I don´t know you.- WHAT?!?!?! first off, why would a hair stylist be nervous about cutting someone´s hair if they don´t know them? Isn´t that a pretty big piece of the job. Random people come in to get their haircut. Then they cut their hair. Let´s just say her nervousness came out in her work.....my fade got torn to pieces. Not only did she not cut the sides or top even, she took a TON off the back. Every couple of minutes she would stop and ask the other woman if it looked ok and the other woman would come in for a snip or two and say, -Oh fabulous, looking great- She loved it so much she had another mystery woman....I think daughter....come out of the shadows with a camera to take a picture of me. So I left defeated by my stylist, hair still long over the ears because she didn´t want to cut me, and sort of a backwards rat tail into a mini-mullet.

I came home and showered and was making dinner when Victor came home and we started talking. Midway through a sentence he stops and realizes I cut my hair. The man bursts into laughter and asks -What´d you do!- He thought it looked hilarious, and very american. Who knows, but by judging from his uncontrolable laughter it must have been one of the best -jokes- he´d seen in a while. And this is coming from a man who is balding yet wears his hair in a pony tail. My theory is the haircut looks extremely argentine, because I don´t even get double takes on the street! And if I am getting double takes, it´s usually at my bunz o steel..... Beautiful!

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