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So now it´s been a month and a half down, and I´m sure everyone is asking themselves, what the heck does Scott do with himself all day long. Allow me to elongate. So to recap on the job sitch, as I´ve mentioned before, teaching in an institute appears to be a pipe dream, so I changed up the game plan. I made up a flyer that says -Native Teacher from the US offering tutoring or conversation classes- and the last couple of weeks have been walking around the city and handing out the flyers. I´ve gone to hostels and hotels with the idea that their staff might want to brush up on some English. I´ve gone to Universities and schools to hang up flyers. I´ve gone to tourist agencies, and even made a post in the classifieds. So I´ve hit the pavement you could say, and the calls have been few and far between until this last week, where a hostel called me up. I went in to talk to them, and they offered me a job! The hostel is opening up this week and I´ll be manning the front on Fri and Sat from 1pm to 10pm. I´m pretty stoked because the job will a great way to meet people, and I doubt it will be tooo taxing. I´ll keep yall posted on the details.....

The job as a call center attendant won´t be happening for many reasons. One, getting my papers to be legal here in argentina is a pain in the ass, and I don´t want to do it. Two, I have a friend down here who works for an Argentine who is looking to hire a native English speaker come January. Not sure what the job really entails, but it would be roughly 30 hrs a week, and I would make enough to get by. Which is exactly what I´m looking for! Also considering that the call center gig looked like a horrible job, I´m stoked to have more options. I went out with my buddy and his boss a couple of weeks ago and the bossman said to me that he pretty much needed to see that I wasn´t crazy, and that he would probably need help come Jan. Three, the job looked absolutely terrible. People calling and bitching at you all day long....omni life looked like the best job ever compared to Teletech!

So besides getting shot down on all other job fronts, I did manage to fall into a teaching gig too. I am working for MOVE-UP, which is a company that trains business people in English. They have a variety of clients that ask for translation and English training services. I´ve had two weeks with a client from Accenture. We have class two times a week for an hr....it´s supposed to be an hr and a half...but i´ve also gotten invited to sub for other classes and to be a guest. It looks like a sweet work environment, and it is cool to finally start some work. I´ve given my client a skills test, and the fool is freaking smart. I´m pretty much screwed because he speaks English pretty much fluently, and is in the internet something or other business.....stuff that I will never comprehend. He gave me a presentation about his job, and I was completely stumped. Didn´t get a single thing. I´m going to be a great teacher! Accenture for all of you who don´t know is a global management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company. Whatever that means! I really don´t know what I´m going to do with him because I gave him a practice test for a certificate he wants to obtain and homeslice passed with flying colors. My job will be to prepare him for the test, but I don´t think he needs any help.....it should be interesting.....

That is the news more or less on the job front, so things are on the up and up...it will be nice to have a regular work schedule. I have found out that even though I don´t mind not having any real thing to do during my day, I do enjoy the feeling of being semi-productive. who knows, maybe I´ll start writing a book! But lets get back to my daze....Waking up can sometimes be the high point of activity....jk...maybe.....but no, I go running, jump rope, make tasty dishes, I´ve yet to give myself food poisoning, so that´s a positive note. I´m ready to start experimenting with my cooking skills, but there aren´t any spices in this country besides mayo, salt, and pepper. So I´m SOL. I kick it with Mike and the other gringos in the program. Mike got lucky because there are a lot of cool people down here, so it´s been fun. Also, in an attempt to make my days semi-productive, I have started Yoga and Portugues classes. Yoga is the shi. I love it. It is so very difficult, it is also hilarious becaue i am so very inflexible and get all swirly with my mat at times that the teacher asks me -scott, who are you fighting with back there?- I´m doing it anywhere between 2 and 4 times a week, and word around the block is i´ll be cracking coconuts jean cleaudde van damn style in no time. I also hope to do the splits like him too. And roundhouse fools to the dome like he does. Pretty much my goal is to become juan carlos van dique (spanish translation for all you monolinguists) when I´m down here. I´ve already got the mullet, and some may say that that is the hardest part!

Portugues is coming along more or less. We spent the first couple of classes going over pronunciation....which is ridiculously difficult if it ends in an o it makes a u sound, if it ends in an e it makes an i sound, if it ends with an l it makes a u sound etc etc etc....lots of nasal words that are hard to pronounce....and let´s not mention the alphabet that I still don´t know. My teacher wants me to speak in Portugues even though I don´t know how to say hardly any words, or verbs, and that I really have almost no understanding of the language. If she talks slow I can understand some things, but she better cut me some slack or I´ll samba her to death. She is from sao paolo and living here in rosario studying to be a clown. No joke. there are a lot of people who are going to clown college here. you might have thought that it was just a hilarious simpsons episode, which it was, but i swear I´ve met a grip of fools who are trying to make it a profession. She´s nice though and is patient, so that is good. We´re doing an exchange.....English classes for Portuguese....so it´s a win win. She´s leaving though in December, which sucks, but it means that the place where she lives will have an open room aka I might not need to live with two miserly dudes for much longer!! I need to meet some of the roomies before things get finalized, but I´m optomistic!

I hope all doubts have been erased, and that all questions have been answered about the daily happenings. If not, please contact my secretary for further inquieries!

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keep them coming brother i love you and miss you and we will talk soon

by bradduck7

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